Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fitness is your 1st Interval Workout

Interval Training: a type of discontinuous physical training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods.

My First Day as a Cross Country Runner

The day I showed up from the college cross country team I had no idea what I was getting myself into. We started with an easy warm up followed by some very strange moving stretches. They seemed to resemble strange aerobics more than running. Lucky for me I love aerobics! These stretches were the most fun I had at the try out...

After those stretches we went over to the track. I instantly felt panicked. I thought cross country was about cruising through the forest?? Not running on the track where everyone could see me. Lets briefly remember how much I hated track and field day as a child.... Now 9 years later it came back to haunt me again. I tried to stay calm while Nat reminded me to simply just run. I reminded myself that I was here for social reasons more than anything. Just finish the workout I told myself.

Our peppy coach explained the workout. She seemed to almost spring with each step she took. I had never seen someone make running look so effortless. "You ll run a lap, jog for about 30 seconds then run 2 laps, jog for 30 then run 3 laps and so on." This workout was my first interval workout and it didnt seem too bad when she explained it. I mean after all, we got to jog as slow as we wanted for rests. It seemed easy... boy was I wrong.

I started the first lap of the track in the middle of the pack of girls. The boys flew past me, I tried to remind myself that I wouldnt be racing them anyways and to not pay any attention. I kept running hard reminding myself I just had to finish. After a 30s jog, I started the second interval, 10 seconds in I was already tired! The rest of the girls began to pass me and I struggled not to stay too far behind. Eventually the boys were all lapping me, the girls were moving further and further away. Then a couple of the girls lapped me. I was going to finish last and everyone could see me. There was no disguising that I was the last one running but I wasnt about to give up. It took every effort to finish those last few laps but I did it. I finished dead last at that practice, but at least I finished.

I imagined I looked somewhat like this at the end of the practice (but with a ponytail)

But I came back the next day. I didnt feel so fit that day but a season of intervals has made me a much better runner.

Fitness is finishing the toughest workout you ve ever experienced.

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